About Us and What We Do

At Winthrope Contact Lens, specialty fittings include:
- infants
- children (for sports) of all ages
- multifocals (soft and gas permeable)
- high astigamatism (soft and gas permeable)
- gas permeable
- extreme spherical (soft and gas permeable)
- astigmatic lenses (soft and gas permeable)
- special cone fittings (kerataconus)


Gary Winthrope
Winthrope Contact Lens was founded in 1992 after Gary sold his manufacturing company, Bio Contacts, to Coopervision. He has been involved with contact lens manufacturing, design, research and development since the early 70's. Special fittings were provided in his lab for hard-to-fit astigmatism, bifocals and children's contacts. He has always worked closely with ophthalmology to provide special care for his patients. Winthrope Contact Lens provides these special services and still works closely with ophthalmology to ensure the best service for all contact lens wearers.

Arash Heidari
Arash started his optical career in 2006 and he joined Gary Winthrope in 2009. Since then, he has been involved in fitting all different types of contacts including custom-made rigids, softs and all other Hard to Fit lenses.

He is a Licensed Optician and Contact Lens Fitter and he works with most pediatric Ophthalmologists to help children with contacts. Although he does not personally diagnose eye conditions, clients are referred to him from all over the Lower Mainland for their contact lens treatments.

His goal as a Contact Lens Fitter is to provide everyone with the best possible result and service.